Who YOU’VE helped

We have spent time and money on our ongoing awareness campaign, which posters, mail shots events etc…..

We have always stated that we would work very closely with research labs that seem to be making significant headway in the fight against cancer. Last year we gave away thousands of pounds  to such causes.

We gave £2000 to Brunel University who were and still are making leaps in understanding how to specifically tailor treatment to an individual not just the blanket treatment patients get at the moment.

We gave £1000 to Birmingham University for their prostate cancer research which again seems to be ground breaking.

We gave £1100 to the Birmingham Children’s hospital Cancer unit to help with the upgrading of their facilities to help improve life on the wards for patients and their families.

We gave £1772 to The Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham for a Bowel Cancer Outpatients surgery which bought all the medical equipment needed to start treating people

These are just the main beneficiaries many others have benefited from your hard work and for that we thank you.

This year we plan to get involved with Wolverhampton & Leicester Universities as well as still helping out others where we can. This year we have helped send a courageous young lady and her family to the USA for vital treatment, we have sent £1000 to The Wolverhampton based Compton Hospice a brilliant local cancer care unit.

With your help we will help more, we will do more research and we will investigate the natural treatments to see if there is any truth in them.

If you are or know of someone/somewhere making steps in the right direction and toward a cure let me know. We need to work with the people that will help us bring this vile disease to an end

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