Man in a Kilt helping raise much needed funds

51 Days in a Kilt.


The kilt, one of the few non-bifurcated garments a man can wear without being accused of cross-dressing.


The history of the kilt dates back to at least the end of the 16th century, where it was worn as a belt or a cloaked garment, the modern variations of the famous Scottish attire did not develop until between the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, the kilt is a symbol of Scottish and Celtic pride, strength and identity, so certainly seeing a 51 year old man walking around the Black Country in such a garment may be surprising at first.


Stuart Crowley, presently aged 50, intends to spend 51 days wearing a kilt in support of the ‘Balls to Cancer’ foundation, supporting treatment of testicular cancer. The event shall span from Stoo’s 51st birthday – the 14th May 2013 until Wednesday 3rd July.


The Englishman – with possible Scottish and Celtic ancestry – has previously supported numerous charities, and his dedication to fundraising has included participating in the Great North Run twice, and running the London Marathon three times!


Stoo’s latest venture has currently received a lot of support from his family and friends, and the event’s Facebook page presently has over 100 supporters, though he is naturally always looking for more.


Links to the events blog, justgiving page and of course the balls to cancer website can be found on the facebook fan page – where Stoo regularly updates with photos and progression towards the event.


Please help support this charitable gesture in aid of male cancers, and lets all wish Stoo a great deal of luck.


Nearly two months wearing a kilt, he’s probably going to need it.


written by Jake Crowley

edited by Stuart Crowley

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