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Sharing this from one of our friends, please, please don’t ignore anything however silly/small you think it may be


Just found out that a close friends Father has Prostate Cancer, I used to look up to him, like a hero 🙂

He found out just over two years ago, its spread though now so its not curable. He left it too late, despite all the warning signs.

He’s currently having hormone treatment and has had one radiotherapy treatment on his spine and is about to have another on his shoulder. Its just for pain relief now though.

My Friend said ” My Dad is not one for Doctors and his main issue (like many men) was the thought of the internal examination, it put him off going to get it checked”

She Continues “It’s inevitable that he won’t be with us for long and we make the most of every opportunity to be a family as often as we can. My dearest hope is that his two youngest grandaughters will remember these times and when the time comes, remembers their grandad”


Brockworth AFC raising funds and awareness for charitable causes.

 Local football club Brockworth Albion is continuing its commitment to raising funds for cancer related charities.

    Beginning in 2011, the players, wives, girlfriends, supporters and club officials take part in an annual sponsored walk across the Cotswolds raising money for these excellent causes.

     Club member Andrew Crosby-Morton said “last year we walked in aid of breast cancer and presented a cheque for £1,000 to the Cheltenham cobalt unit.  This year we went for a male equivalent charity and raised over £800 for “Balls to Cancer”, the prostate cancer charity.  It’s a great day and I’m very proud our club is committed to helping causes outside of our own”.

     Plans are in place for 2013 and the clubs chosen charity will be nominated at the next fund raising committee meeting