Debbie Knight Raises money doing the Moonlight Colourthon

One of our Twitter followers has kindly agreed to do the Moonlight Colourthon (details Below) Debbie Knight @debsknig will be doing this on the 7-7-12. If you would like to join her or sponsor her please do here

Moonlight Colourthon

This has been our flagship event but to celebrate and enhance its success this year we’re launching our brand new ‘Twilight Colourthon’ 10k walk.
The ‘Moonlight Colourthon’ is in essence a sponsored walk with a difference. Walkers walk a half marathon (13.1 miles) at night and are encouraged to dress as brightly as their imagination will allow them to! This year’s events set off from Chalkwell Park at 8pm on Saturday 7th July, 2012. It takes in the waterfront along Southend Seafront and Westcliff’s picturesque cliff tops with their brisk sea breezes, drops down overlooking the famous pleasure pier and then travels through the exclusive Chalkwell Hall Estate, past Old Leigh Village with its quaint cottages and fisherman’s sheds returning back through Leigh itself, finishing back at Chalkwell Park.

Tandom Parachute Jump 9-9-12

We have arranged a day of Tandom Parachute jumps to help raise funds. Anyone wanting to take part need to be 16 + and no heavier than 16 stones (with clothes)

We will be jumping in Cirencester and we hope for good weather.

We will be asking for £300 for each jumper. That covers the cost of the dive( £220)  and a donation to the Charity obviously if you raise more than that, that will be fantastic but you will need to raise that prior to the jump.

I suggest any participants set up a just giving page  as they make things a lot easier for you (I can post you a sponsorship form if you would prefer)

So good luck if you want to be added to the list and meet the above criteria then email me your contact details and I will add you to the list

By the way we can jump 60 in a day…. so no excuses 🙂

The Jumpers…. (if you are not on this list and want to jump I haven’t got a completed form)

Kate Bayliss

Kieran Langan

Georgia Gibson

Matt Watson

Lee Hatton

Chris Gilbert

Daniel Soskic

Danny Moloney

Adriano Di Maria

Lor Hunter

Samantha Kennell

Adam Freeman

Georgia Downie

James Holton

Adam Watson

Kieran Newey

Lauren Watson

Louis Perry

Alison Nolett

Matt Kelly

Dayle Hallard

Scott Hallard

Steven Nollett

Nicola Morrisey

Guv Rai

Anna Aloia

David Miles

They will be jumping from 13,000 ft here…..

Duke of Gloucester Barracks
South Cerney Airfield