100mph Zipwire Experience for Balls to Cancer

We would love you to join us up in the beautiful Snowdonia national park, strap yourself on to a one mile long steel wire and GO! you will travel up to 100 mph!

All you have to do is raise £100 minimum sponsorship and we’ll see you there!!

To sign up and book your place email us now at contact@ballstocancer.com

To start fundraising just click here 

Who Has the Balls to Bungee??

We invite you to join us at Cliff Lakes Waterpark in Tamworth on the 13th or 14th of May 2017 and throw yourself of a platform 160 feet in the air over the beautiful lakes!

You can do it on your own or do it with your significant other or best friend! All you have to do is commit to raise a minimum of £100 per person.

If you wish to book a place just email us at contact@ballstocancer.com now.

To start your fundraising just click here

Join our Parachute Jump 8/7/17

We invite you to join us on Saturday the 8th July at Hinton Airfield in Brackley. We are hoping to get a group of around 20 jumpers!

You will arrive go through a short safety training, then get kitted up and strapped to a very experienced instructor. Then enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

You will need to raise £300 minimum sponsorship and make a £50 deposit to book your place.

To sign up email us at contact@ballstocancer.com

To start fundraising for your jump click here 

Giving to Balls to Cancer in your Will

Donating to Balls to Caner in your will is an amazing way of continuing your support into the future.

The donations can be big or small, anything from £100 to £20,000 from 1% of an estate to 100% or anything left over after other gifts have been made.

The fact is almost half of us will get cancer at some point, and have to go through some tough times before we hopefully get better. And that includes the people we love.

By putting a gift in your will to Balls to Cancer, you can make sure that we will be there for the people you love if they ever need us. With emotional, practical and financial support, given with warmth and expertise, so they can keep on living their life and feeling in control all the way through.

for more details on Will giving you can check out the government website for more information below.