Good Afternoon #teamnuts ! I hope you have all had a pleasant day.

Firstly I would like to tell you about my day, There has been some very interesting developments…

I spoke with a supporter of ours and a massive inspiration to me Mr Stuart Howarth we have been talking about an exciting new venture which we cannot talk about yet but hopefully will be able to fill you in soon.

I don’t know if you know but I have been negotiating a charity football match against the Wolves All Stars (Andy Thompson,Robbie Dennison,Don Goodman,Paul Jones,Darren Simkin,Dale Rudge,Mel Eves,Adam Proudlock,Tony Dinning,David Kelly are some of the names available) I thought it was dead in the water until today and a venue has come on board so we maybe back on for the 30-9-12 but I will let you know. Places in the team (30+) will be available at £100 per player.

Also I hope many of you gents will be joining me and Gaz Coombes (Supergrass) growing your pork chops for Sideburn September! The idea is you shave on the 31-8-12 and then let them babies grow the bigger the better! You also need to get your friends and family to sponsor you to do it! Go on have a laugh and lets all do a Bradley Wiggins for a month.

September also brings our parachute jump on the 9th (which if you have £300 you can join) we currently have 26 people jumping and have space for 4 more!! So do you have what it takes?  let me know ASAP if you fancy it! The jump is to take place in Cirencester. It will be a great day so come and join us or us come to watch if you’re in the area. I think Mr Nuts might even make an appearance.

The last and I feel very important event in September is the Football United Against Cancer walk, a walk around the top 5 West Midland clubs Starting at Birmingham City to Aston Villa to West Brom to Walsall and finally to Wolverhampton Wanderers. We will be shaking tins and buckets along the way and popping in to the pubs and shops en route. What we are looking for is fans from all of the clubs to join us in their football shirts to show the world that fans can and will happily work together in aid of  male cancer awareness. If you wish to join us there is an application form on the website that you need to fill out and send back to me. Please let me know ASAP as I need to know numbers.

I need to let you know also that we have for October a golf day arranged in Wolverhampton £40 per person which includes  the golf and an evening meal (application form available to download on the website) the family fun-day in Dudley on the 7th where my daughter Isabelle will be having her hair cut off and donating it to children that suffer hair loss due to cancer. There will be entertainment and games (and a bar for the grown ups) and a fabulous race night at Wolverhampton race course a great evening I have 250 half price entry tickets but you need to ask me for them. In December we have the Christmas ball where we will have food and a great line up of young and upcoming acts and hopefully a star attraction. Tickets are £18 so get in early (all details on the events list)

Finally I want to thank you for your continued support, without you I am just a rambling mad man talking to myself and achieving nothing. You are the heat beat of the charity and I will never forget that.


Our toughest test yet.

A local Stourbridge Man, Wayne Peter Martin and his friend have taken on the massive challenge of cycling 200 miles from Birmingham to Dover now that in itself is an extreme task.

But no!!!! they aren’t leaving it there noo!!! When they get to Dover they are then rowing across the Channel to France!

Please get behind them and support them is any small way you can.

We are also looking for a kind sponsor to help them on their way.

Please show your support for Wayne on Twitter his name is @Jetskiman1234


An Important story

This message was sent in to the website, I think it is very important I share.


Hi I just wandered if you would let your followers know that there is something else you should feel for.
I you feel a lump and you have a scan just to be told it just a cyst then beware, this is what I was told and three years later I have something called chronic prostatitis in which there is no cure.
It has wrecked my life, I can’t walk, I am in chronic pain all the time, even though I am on morphine, you cant sit down because you get a unforgiving ball up your back passage which is your prostate, when urinating its like peeing glass.
With the chronic prostatitis comes CPPS which is chronic pelvic pain and CF chronic fatigue.
Because its not known that much of you struggle to get disability living allowance which in my case is hard I have a wife and five young children to tend for.
I just think if three years ago when they said it was just a cyst they had given me a course of antibiotics then maybe just maybe I would not be in this mess.
With Cancer a least there is a course of action with CP you just get told sorry there is nothing else we can do for you.
It’s no life to lead!

Photo memories of Villa game

Please if you want any pictures from our game against Aston Villa on Sunday please visit

50% of the profit of each picture ordered is coming back to Balls to Cancer, so please get a few for yourselves