An Important story

This message was sent in to the website, I think it is very important I share.


Hi I just wandered if you would let your followers know that there is something else you should feel for.
I you feel a lump and you have a scan just to be told it just a cyst then beware, this is what I was told and three years later I have something called chronic prostatitis in which there is no cure.
It has wrecked my life, I can’t walk, I am in chronic pain all the time, even though I am on morphine, you cant sit down because you get a unforgiving ball up your back passage which is your prostate, when urinating its like peeing glass.
With the chronic prostatitis comes CPPS which is chronic pelvic pain and CF chronic fatigue.
Because its not known that much of you struggle to get disability living allowance which in my case is hard I have a wife and five young children to tend for.
I just think if three years ago when they said it was just a cyst they had given me a course of antibiotics then maybe just maybe I would not be in this mess.
With Cancer a least there is a course of action with CP you just get told sorry there is nothing else we can do for you.
It’s no life to lead!

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