Coventry’s Male mile.

Coventry City footballs club have organised a Male Mile at their Ricoh football Stadium for their Mens Health week. They have kindly offered to raise funds for us at the event and many of #teamnuts will be there to collect and offer morale support.

If you live in or near Coventry why not enter as a warm up to the Fathers day 5K event.

Competition winner!

Please meet our competition winner Donna Klander on our new poster. Donna entered our competition to send in a picture with a ball or balls covering you bits and pieces. Donna’s poster will be used nationwide to help raise awareness.

Thank you Donna and Congratulations!

Liam’s Story

Liam is a chap I have been speaking to for sometime on Twitter and he is a brilliantly strong and kind person, this is his story……..

Hi, my names Liam, I’m 14 years old and my grandad recently passed away from cancer. My grandad has always been a father figure to me as my real dad was never around. I’ve always been close to him, and in April 2009 I had a huge argument with my mum which forced me to move in with my nan and grandad who were kind enough to take me in despite them both suffering from health problems. My grandad has beat one type of cancer, two heart attacks and lived through a near fatal anuerysm, he had 25% kidney function for much of his later life. Then in September 2010 he was diagnosed with upper GI cancer which is for those of you who don’t know is cancer of the Esophagus which limited his ability to eat and drink even simple things such as; mousses, soft sponge cake etc. After Christmas of 2011 his health started to deterioate, in January his mobility was gone and he had to stay in bed so instead of him being upstairs all the time on his own we got a hospital bed put in downstairs so he could be with the family. A few days after my birthday which was on March the 3rd I was told by some family members that my grandad had 1-2 weeks to live, however a few days later he passed away on the 17th of March. I’ve never done anything harder than watching him die as it wasn’t just a grandad I was losing it was a dad, a bestfriend and most of all someone I could trust with anything. His funeral was on the 5th of April and luckily I had my best friend Louis there who was kind enough to come to support me, he also knew him. Well thats my story, hopefully nobody else has to die of this sick, sick disease.