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There are over 30,000 men every year that are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK. Approximately half of all men over 50 have some cancer cells in their prostate and 8 out of 10 men (80%) over the age of 80 have a small area of prostate cancer.

We need to get all men over 50 tested for prostate cancer using the PSA test with a mandatory test. So EVERY man   has the oppertunity to get the test.

This will potentially save thousands of lives so please sign the petition here and get your friends and family to do it.

Thank you in advance

BTC Team

Please Join our #ThumbsUp campaign

We would please like you to join us with our #ThumbsUp campaign and tweet or Facebook us a picture with your thumbs up in support of the 1/4 million new cancer fighters in the UK every year!

Lets show those friends and family of ours that they are not alone in this fight, we at Balls to cancer and our #Teamnuts supporters are there to help and support them in anyway we can.

Stronger Together!

Anytime…. Every time!

Please join our fabulous celebrity supporters & ambassadors

Austin Armacost, Alfie Boe, Dave Berry, Louis Emerick, Matt Hoy, Paul Chuckle & Steve Clamp!

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Let us celebrate our BTC Heroes.

Many of our friends and family have either beaten cancer or are currently fighting cancer or have sadly been killed by that vile disease.

We aim to celebrate them all by listing them here on our BTC Hero wall! so if you have a cancer hero. Tweet us or Facebook us their names with the hashtag #BTCHero and we will add them to our list below, there they will remain for eternity!

We’ll start it off with some of our own heroes


Geoff Bates

Peter Knight

Doris Philips

Norman Darby

Dan Kelly

Caroline Glover

Paul Raymond

Nigel Smith

Anthony Hall