Balls to Cancer joins Cancer 52

We are very happy to announce that we have agreed to join Cancer 52 as we believe that ALL cancer sufferers are important and that no one should be over looked.

Cancer52 has grown from an initial group brought together at the request of the National Cancer Director, Mike Richards to input into the Cancer Reform Strategy.

We are so named because 52% of cancer deaths in the UK are from the less common cancers (i.e. excluding the ‘big four’: bowel, breast, lung and prostate), although in 2013 this proportion increased to 54%.

Cancer52 is an alliance of more than 70 organisations working to address the inequalities that exist in policy, services and research into the less common cancers and to improve outcomes for patients with these highly challenging diseases. Most who work for the organisation give their time and resources on a voluntary basis.

Could you raise money for us?

We are looking for volunteers across the UK to arrange fundraising events for us. Could you do it?

We will help you with posters, leaflets and support you while you arrange and advertise your event.

You can do anything runs, karaoke nights, parties, bingo, race nights, football matches etc…. anything at all

So please join us and help us save lives today.

Spreading a little happiness…

We know that there are thousands of cancer sufferers in the UK that could do with a little help or just a simple night out.

So we have decided that that is what we will do.

If you know of anyone who is worthy of a night out or even needs something repairing or replacing, we will do our up most to sort it out for them.

Please share this post with everyone you know, someone you know will need our help.

Doug’s Story

I was diagnosed with breast cancer three days before my 50th birthday, on 12th January 2012. It was a shock because I was unaware that men could suffer from it. I started the blog because I felt that I had to raise awareness that men could get breast cancer too. It has also proved to be therapeutic and has helped me to meet some amazing people.

In the first few weeks of my writing, things got tough, my Mastectomy was cancelled due to being diagnosed as type two diabetic and then I lost my Mum  rather unexpectedly.I was devastated but after some thought, I vowed to continue to write. It was definitely the best thing to do.

My blog is called One of 300 men, because when I was diagnosed, there were only 300 men who were diagnosed. also. Sadly, that number is rising.

Please visit Doug’s blog here

Our Ambassadors

Please see below the current list of our very kind Ambassadors

Gary Kemp

Shane Richie

David Harewood

Claire Sweeney

John O’Mole

James Lock

Matt Littler

Kye Sones

Dave Berry

John Partridge

Horace Panter

Jake Humphrey

Richard & Fred Fairbrass (Right Said Fred)

Joe Pasquale

Mel Eves

Ben Hanson

Sean Heydon

Gail Porter

Dan Brocklebank

Scott Robinson

Wayne Lineker

Ritchie Neville

Lizzie Cundy

Russell Kane

Danny-Boy Hatchett

Jamie Theakston

Larry Lamb

Chris Lilley

Les Dennis

Daniel Slaney

Paul Devlin

Marcquelle Ward

Mr Rootsy

Charlie Condou

Robbie Savage

Rob Lamarr

Sean Fletcher

Scott Lyons

Producer Dave

Tamara Wall

Bhasker Patel

Louis Emerick

Jay Camilleri

Lydia Lucy

Apache Indian

Darren Byfield

Ricky Rayment

Adee Phelan

Anna Passey

Sian Lloyd

Ben Clarke

Jimmy Constable

James Beattie

Nihal Arthanayake

Ross Burkinshaw

Daniel Thomas

Jules Knight

Trevor Sinclair

The Dreamboys

Noel Brodie

Karen Danczuk

Dr James Logan

Paul Danan

Karl Unwin

Thomas Turgoose

Dee Kelly

Marc McCullough

Alfie Boe

Ali, Mickey & Astro from UB40

Gary Grant

Michael Starke

Tammy Partridge-Smith

John McArdle

Gary Raymond

Matt Hoy


Jess Impiazzi

Graham Cole

Professor Karol Sikora

Matt Le Tissier

Shane Nolan

Annette Badland

Phil Daniels

Paul Chuckle

Tommy Cannon

Kelvin Fletcher

Ryan Paul Antony

Charlie Doherty

India Willoughby

Jeff Stelling

Neil Ruddock

Andy Reid

David Busst

Ricci Guarnaccio

Cat Simmons

Michelle Teale

Cheryl Fergison


Joel Green

Ivan Burkett

Tony Tunna Owen

Richie Graham

Nicki Donohoe