Doug’s Story

I was diagnosed with breast cancer three days before my 50th birthday, on 12th January 2012. It was a shock because I was unaware that men could suffer from it. I started the blog because I felt that I had to raise awareness that men could get breast cancer too. It has also proved to be therapeutic and has helped me to meet some amazing people.

In the first few weeks of my writing, things got tough, my Mastectomy was cancelled due to being diagnosed as type two diabetic and then I lost my Mum  rather unexpectedly.I was devastated but after some thought, I vowed to continue to write. It was definitely the best thing to do.

My blog is called One of 300 men, because when I was diagnosed, there were only 300 men who were diagnosed. also. Sadly, that number is rising.

Please visit Doug’s blog here¬†

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