Slaters menswear support Balls to Cancer

Slaters Menswear the top national menswear and formal hire stores have very kindly donated a £100 gift voucher to use at any of their 24 large stores across the country.

We have decided to offer you the oppertunity to win the £100 to spend by buying one of our £1 raffle tickets here 



Join Lucky Leftovers and help us raise funds

We’ve been working well with the Lucky Leftovers team for a while now,
giving you the chance to win our Balls to Cancer T-Shirts and tickets
for our Ball in November.
The great thing is it costs you nothing if you have an inclusive SMS
allowance (pre-paid or contract), it gives you a chance to win amazing
prizes, earn rewards and donate to charity using the leftover messages
from your allowance.
It’s an Android only app (sorry iPhone users!) and can be downloaded
from the play store via:
Give it a go, as nothing to lose and would help us out as they are
donating us the proceeds from our competitions.
Hope you win 🙂

Carer to Carer Support Network

We are very aware of the stress and strain that our cancer fighters loved ones go through with no support. So we have decided to set up a register of carers who are willing to offer support to others and in turn get support themselves.

So please if you are a carer that needs support or a carer that can offer that support, please get in touch today.

Lets work together and help and support each other.

Email today

Thank you

Our carers…


Cancer Survivors offer a Helping Hand

We have decided to ask cancer fighters and survivors to help us, we have many people that have just been diagnosed with cancer and feel scared and alone in their fight.

We are asking people who have been through cancer to come forward and join us as advisors to help us create a nationwide support network.

We currently have the following volunteers, do you think you could join us? email

Ieuan  had Orchidectomy

Damien  still battling Leukaemia

Richard had Prostate cancer

Darren had Stage 1 teratoma and classic seminoma

If you want to chat to either please contact us via email at and we will put you in touch.

Mytenring The Answer to Erectile problems

We all can suffer with erectile difficulties and cancer fighters and survivors can feel the effects more than most.

Thanks to the brilliant work of Rob New and his wife Julie the Mytenring was born.

We at Balls to Cancer see this as a brilliant product to help men beat a intimate problem successfully.

Please read on…

Rob’s legacy to ALL men at ‘Balls to cancer’…!

Rob New has left all couples a legacy. A boost in confidence; intimacy with the ability to maintain an erection. He had personal experience of Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.), and soon realised the support rings on the market for men who suffer with erectile issues were generally of very poor quality, so he try to help people with cases like this and you can get resources at sites like which can help you with this and other conditions. Rob made it his mission to develop a product that worked, and using his product design expertise to find ‘THE solution’ MYTENRING was created.

MYTENRING is an innovative erection support ring uniquely designed especially for men who have difficulty maintaining an erection (it also works well if you are suffering with premature ejaculation). It works by supporting the penis at the base and gently restricting blood-flow.

We are thrilled to be able to support ‘Balls to cancer’who tackle very personal issues in men head on. They want YOU to enjoy sex forever and for longer with the loving support of  MYTENRING. Please visit our website to find out more:

Using the code: BTC you will receive a 10% discount when ordering your kit and the charity also receives a 10% donation to continue their work to improve lives of those who need their help.

Source: PhalloGauge.