Horace Panter Art

The Brilliant and very kind Artist Horace Panter (our ambassador) has very kindly continued his Cassette artwork series with a special Never Mind the Bollocks one, specifically for our charity. We will be auctioning the original artwork very soon and the link will appear here.

It is with the greatest of pleasure we thank Horace and Clare for the help and support

Parachute Jump

We have the following completed applications, If you want to jump I need your applications by Friday 1st February at the latest also those over 40 need to send their completed medical forms at the same time.

Also remember everyone that is jumping and any spectators MUST have their Passport /ID with them.

Scott Hallard *

Dayle Hallard

Matt Kelly

Jimmy Halton

Lee Glaze

Emma Wright

Claire Boddison

Sally Molineux *

Hannah Moore

Lori Hunter

Adriano Di Maria

Matt Smith

* Need Medical form


Cameron’s Story

Making Choices for my Wife’s Cancer Care

My wife is a cancer survivor. Often, she mentions how challenging it must have been for me to manage the situation as her husband and caregiver.  Being a caregiver is a difficult task, and I hope that by sharing my story, I can help other people currently struggling through a similar, difficult journey through cancer.

Just a little over three months before my wife was diagnosed with cancer, we had our first baby, a beautiful little girl that we named Lily.  We were thrilled and overjoyed to be new parents, but less than four months later the diagnosis was made and our world fell apart.  My wife had mesothelioma.  The joy, hope and dreams were ripped from us. But, seconds after the diagnosis, the physicians began discussing medical options and the reality was clear – I had to help my wife make difficult choices regarding her care from this point forward.

Anger and absolute fear raged in me for days. But, as time went by, I learned to accept the situation and find the strength needed to face these challenges successfully. This strength was driven from the love I have for my family. I managed to mask my fears and be the source of hope and positive energy that we needed during this time.

As the days went by, my list of tasks became overwhelming.  I suddenly had so many new responsibilities, and I struggled to keep up with everything that I was expected to do.  I had to continue to work my full time job, care for Lily and my wife, our pets, our home, arrange for medical care and doctors appointments, travel arrangements – the list went on and on. It was during those first days that I learned to manage priorities and take care of the important things first. Not only did I learn to prioritize, but I finally opened up to the assistance of family and friends; these special individuals made this time manageable. After I learned to accept their help, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.  I still felt overwhelmed on some days, but with the generous support of our family and friends we managed to make it through day by day.

There was one particular hardship that was especially difficult for me to endure. For two months, I was separated from my wife and daughter, and was able to see them only one time. My wife and I traveled to Boston for her extrapleural pneumonectomy surgery, and we left Lily in the care of Heather’s parents in South Dakota.  After her surgery, Heather went to join Lily at her parents’ house to recover and prepare for further treatment, while I returned home to keep working.  They would stay there for the next two months, and sadly I would be able to visit them only once. I traveled more than 10 hours through a snowstorm to see them one Friday night after work. I was only able to spend a day with them, before I had to get back on the road to be at work on Monday morning.  It was a short visit, but I cherished every moment of it.

My wife’s struggle with cancer was the most difficult time of my life, but it taught me so much.  I learned the importance of accepting help.  At first I tried to do everything myself, but if I hadn’t learned to accept the offers of assistance from our family and friends I never would have made it through.  I also learned to never regret or second guess the difficult decisions that we were forced to make during this time.  Rather, I learned to be grateful for the ability to make decisions at all.  They gave us some small amount of control over a situation that often seemed completely out of our hands.  In the end, Heather defied the odds that come with a mesothelioma diagnosis, and is cancer-free today, over seven years later.  I hope that these lessons that we learned can help those currently struggling through a difficult battle with cancer.

BTC Male Cancer awareness week 2013

We have decided that this years Male Cancer awareness week will be 2-9th of June. This week we will be asking you to help us promote our charity to everyone.

We will be sending out swear boxes to everyone that asks for one so that you can actively raise funds for us.

The week will culminate in our first national BLUE day on Friday the 7th of June. We are hoping we can get all the schools and colleges to wear blue for the day and to help us raise funds (Bye to Cancer can be used in the Primary schools). This doesn’t stop there… why not get your work place to do the same. Lets get the supermarkets to also join us by getting them all wearing blue to work.


Balls to Cancer All-stars news

As we begin and exciting new year of football for the BTC Allstars with games against, Villa, Blues, Coventry, Wolves staff and Albion in planning. We need to sort out this years 15-16 players.

All previous players will have first refusal on their positions but they do come with a price. Firstly every player will need to get a sponsor the sponsorship will cost them £250 and this will get their details on the back of your warm up tee shirts. You will also have to be pro-active in getting bums on seats.

We will also be expecting a commitment to raising additional funds throughout the year (bag packing/car cleaning etc..)

If this is for you then let me know you’re in ASAP

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all.

We hope you have all had a great festive season and are ready to help us in 2013 to fight cancer for all.

We have plans for a fun packed year an hope you will join us on our events or simply just donate.

Figures released late last year prove that incidence of cancer on both men and women is on the rise. We need to challenge the causes of cancer, why it happens and how we can prevent the disease taking hold.

We pledge to you our loyal supporters that we will leave no stone unturned in the fight against cancer.

We are only here to help you, and help find the answer to cancer whether that be prevention or cure.

Please help us, if you want to talk to us about funding your project, your research please do. I know one day we will find the answer. Will it be you that helps us?