The Square Pass Sweepstake is back for 2015/16 season

£1000 Football Sweepstake: Lodge your FREE entry today by picking 5 UK Clubs.


We are pleased to announce the Square Pass Sweepstake Price list for the 2015/16 season.  This is a competition involving Carlisle United, Oxford United, Bury FC, Lincoln City and the charity Balls to Cancer where fans have to accumulate as many points as possible by picking 5 clubs;


Simple Rules.


1.        Your 1st  Sweepstake team is FREE. Each subsequent team will cost £5.

2.        £3 goes into the prize pot, £2 is donated to your club.

3.        There is a minimum of £1000 in the prize pot. The pot will increase once there is over 333 paid for teams.

4.        The prices of all 115 clubs are updated every day at midnight (the cost of each club therefore varies). See latest image.

5.        You have a budget of £50m to buy your 5 clubs.

6.        You have to buy 5 clubs,  1 from each of the 5 Leagues.

7.        You gain 3 points for every win, 1 point for a draw in a League game.

8.        You gain bonus points for cup wins.

9.        The pot will be shared by the 3 fans with the most accumulated points at the end of the 2015/16 season.

10.      60% of the pot goes to the winner with the most accumulated points, 30% to 2nd and 10% to 3rd.

11.      £50 is paid to fans that get 15 League points on a Saturday.


For the latest price list and to lodge your Sweepstake team please visit >

ff Price table


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