Join Fundeo and raise fund for us!

To boost our fundraising, we have now joined up with Fundeo, an organisation that provides cartoon snail race nights for charity fundraising.

Getting started with a charity race night is easy.  The organiser asks local businesses to sponsor the races and friends and colleagues to sponsor the runners.  This raises funds before the event, then later everyone bets on the races which raises more funds.

Fundeo’s  snail race nights come as personalised kits with everything that’s needed to run the event.  The operator just plays the DVD and a talking parrot pops up on the screen and runs the show.  They are great fun for all ages and each event can easily raise £1,000 !

Mark Bates (co-founder) said “ It is a brilliant idea and a great fun way to raise money to help us help those fighting this horrific disease, We thank Fundeo for their support”

Fundeo’s Snail Racing Drive is intended to make charity fundraising fun, easy and risk-free.

Dr Andrew Seymour, Director of Fundeo, welcomed the partnership. He said “There are thousands of wonderful volunteers in this country who work very hard year-round to raise money for charity.  We are delighted to have the opportunity of introducing our customers to Balls to cancer and we welcome the opportunity of working with their supporters.

For further details or to order a pack, visit

or call the Fundeo Team on 01343 545856, quoting Balls to cancer as your chosen charity.


About Fundeo Ltd


  • Fundeo was established in year 2000 to develop its race night products.
  • To date Fundeo’s events have helped raise several £million for charity both in the United Kingdom and abroad .
  • The Fundeo Snail Racing Drive for charities was launched in the summer of 2014.


For further information about Fundeo, please email, call the office on 01343 545856 or visit

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