David’s Story

On the 27th May my life was changed massively with the arrival of my twin boys. They were born prematurely and due to the pressures on NICU in our local area they were separated for 4 days on different hospitals. On the 2nd June they were brought back together and I cannot tell you the joy I had. Later that night this joy turned to despair when, I still don’t know why I did it but I checked myself. And yes I detected something different. I quickly phoned my doctor the next day and the motions were set in place.


Luckily I caught it early and so after having the testicle removed and a CT scan I discovered it was all ok (we’ll ignore a bronchioscopy as all that confirmed is that I am a freak, that many of my friends will tell you they could have confirmed without a bronchioscopy). I was incredibly lucky and it hadn’t spread and so I have only had to go through 1 cycle of chemotherapy. Yes it’s a pain but I have been able to spend more time with my boys than I otherwise would have been.


It’s also been quite emotional as I am tired a lot and so am not able to be the Daddy I’d love to be but I still manage to look after them and tire myself out (don’t tell my consultant or nurses though!!). But I had a massively receding hairline and I will for some period at least have a thicker head of hair which is a massive positive for me! And I have had time with my boys, it’s not all negative!


I want to use the emotion of my story to make men check. It’s been amazing to discover some men still don’t know that you can detect it yourself early. I can’t describe how it felt, it just wasn’t normal!


Please help me do what I want to do. It’s not about me, it’s about others! I want to turn this negative into something incredibly positive.


Best Wishes,



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