Celebrity Tee Shirts

Celebrity Tee Shirt Campaign

We today launch our range of brilliant celebrity designed tee shirts. Our tee shirts have been designed by such stars as Boy George, Phillip Schofield, Christine Hamilton, Freddie Flintoff & Dave Berry

The reason we are running this campaign is hopefully with the help of the celebrities, press outlets and social media we will be able to reach more men who currently do not know we are here.

Cancer affects over 200,000 men every year almost half of which die from the disease. We need to reach the 30 million men in the UK so they know we are here for to inform them about cancers and support them through their fight.

All we ask of you is for you to run a story about the campaign and the charity. Anything you can do will help us help more men and hopefully save more lives.

You can purchase the tee shirts in our store hereĀ 


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