Competition winner!

Please meet our competition winner Donna Klander on our new poster. Donna entered our competition to send in a picture with a ball or balls covering you bits and pieces. Donna’s poster will be used nationwide to help raise awareness.

Thank you Donna and Congratulations!

Liam’s Story

Liam is a chap I have been speaking to for sometime on Twitter and he is a brilliantly strong and kind person, this is his story……..

Hi, my names Liam, I’m 14 years old and my grandad recently passed away from cancer. My grandad has always been a father figure to me as my real dad was never around. I’ve always been close to him, and in April 2009 I had a huge argument with my mum which forced me to move in with my nan and grandad who were kind enough to take me in despite them both suffering from health problems. My grandad has beat one type of cancer, two heart attacks and lived through a near fatal anuerysm, he had 25% kidney function for much of his later life. Then in September 2010 he was diagnosed with upper GI cancer which is for those of you who don’t know is cancer of the Esophagus which limited his ability to eat and drink even simple things such as; mousses, soft sponge cake etc. After Christmas of 2011 his health started to deterioate, in January his mobility was gone and he had to stay in bed so instead of him being upstairs all the time on his own we got a hospital bed put in downstairs so he could be with the family. A few days after my birthday which was on March the 3rd I was told by some family members that my grandad had 1-2 weeks to live, however a few days later he passed away on the 17th of March. I’ve never done anything harder than watching him die as it wasn’t just a grandad I was losing it was a dad, a bestfriend and most of all someone I could trust with anything. His funeral was on the 5th of April and luckily I had my best friend Louis there who was kind enough to come to support me, he also knew him. Well thats my story, hopefully nobody else has to die of this sick, sick disease.

Jack Thompson!!!!

UPDATE 19-5-12 Jack has successfully completed his jump and has raised a magnificent £370.00 for the charity.

“I would personally like to thank him on behalf of the charity. Thank you Jack you are a star” (Mark Bates Founder)


21 year old Jack Thompson has decided to do a Parachute jump for us, Jack from Gornal in Dudley (a former pupil of Ellowes Hall) is now working as an engineer in Netherton.

Jack said “I hope to raise lots of money for the charity”  So if you want to support Jack and sponsor him, please get in touch through the website and we will pass your details on to him.

Jack will be doing his jump on Saturday the 3rd March at Hinton Skydiving

We wish Jack all the best and thank him for doing it for us.

We’re Registered!!

We are very proud to announce that we are now a fully registered Charity. After long hard weeks we managed to get through the process and we are very happy.

We would like to thank everyone associated with the very first race we had back in October who have worked so hard to raise the lions share for the £5000 needed to be able to register our charity. So lad’s you know who you are thank you!!!

We would also like to thank each and every one of #teamnuts who have bought a wristband, Pen, Trolley coin, Tee shirt or calendar because every penny counts and your contribution is as important as any other.

Please keep buying, keep fundraising and keep running for us!! We LOVE you all!!

Charity Number 1146185

Male Cancer incidence and Mortality rates

Below is a list of Male Cancer Incidence (shown as I) (recorded in 2008) and Mortality rate (Shown as M) (recorded in 2009). This is the reason we need your help. The incidence continues to grow as does the Mortality rate.

We need to put a stop to this and beat Cancer! Please do whatever you can to help or donate.


Bladder (I)7,390 (M) 3,352
Bone and Connective Tissue (I)1,281 (M) 549
Brain and Central Nervous System, Malignant and NonMalignant
(I) 4,602  (M) 2,621
Brain and Central Nervous System, Malignant  (I)2,062  (M) 2,179
Brain and Central Nervous System, Non-Malignant
(I) 1,879 (M) 442
Breast (I) 341  (M)77
Cancer of Unknown Primary (I) 5,028 (M) 4,962
Colorectum (includes Anus)(I) 22,097 (M) 8,600
Colon  (I)13,359  (M) 5,076
Rectum, Rectosigmoid Junction and Anus  (I) 8,738  (M) 3,524
Hodgkin Lymphoma (I) 948 (M) 171
Kidney (I) 5,377 (M) 2,296
Larynx (I) 1,890 (M) 650
Leukaemia (I) 4,463 (M)2,557
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (I) 369  (M)129 1
Acute Myeloid Leukaemia  (I) 1,303  (M)1,311
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia  (I) 1,703  (M) 669
Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (I) 339  (M) 111
Liver  (I) 2,286  (M) 2,159
Lung  (I) 22,846 (M) 19,724
Malignant Melanoma  (I) 5,584 (M) 1,159
Mesothelioma (I) 1,967  (M) 1,913
Multiple Myeloma (I)  2,480  (M) 1,367
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma  (I) 6,343  (M) 2,423
Oesophagus (I) 5,461 (M) 5,097
Oral  (I) 3,824  (M)1,273
Other Digestive Organs (I) 362(M) 1,518
Pancreas (I) 4,001 (M) 3,881
Penis (I)  488 (M) 118
Prostate (I) 37,051 (M) 10,382
Small Intestine  (I) 576 (M) 213
Stomach (I)  4,923  (M) 3,167
Testis (I) 2,138 (M) 69
Thyroid  (I) 558 (M) 137

Spend Save Support!!

Spend Save and Support

We have teamed up with so now you can save money shopping online and earn money for the charity.  There is no cost to you or the charity.

Easyfundraising is FREE to join and there are no subscription charges.  The website is an online shopping portal with access to 000’s of retailers offering discount codes, cashback and cash incentives.

Sign up at  and start saving.

BTC 11 v Aston Villa Old Boys

18-01-12 We are pleased to say we have our first two members of the team to play against Villa in August. Other places will be available soon. Please keep watching for further updates.

We are very happy to announce that on the 5-8-12 our team will be playing against a team of Villa old boys. Our team will be made up of 16 men (over 30’s) places will be auctioned via our eBay site in the next few weeks.

So if you would like to be part of the team the keep an eye on the website and start bidding!!

The Villa players will stay behind in the bar after the game for a chat an autographs.

Our manager will be Jody Craddock

We will be selling tickets for spectators and friends and family to come and watch, we will also be looking for businesses to advertise on our programme for the game.



Centre-half in Villa’s successful League Championship, European Cup and European Super Cup winning teams.



Played for Aston Villa during the 2000’s, when first-team opportunities were limited.  An extremely gifted player.



Goalkeeper who started his professional career with Aston Villa in July 1985. He moved on to Nott’s County in 1987.



England Youth international. Played for Villa 1983-1986. Moved to WBA and made over 400 league appearances.



Scotland international midfield player. Won the League Championship, European Cup, and European Super Cup.



England Youth international forward with Aston Villa from 1985-1988.  Also played for Middlesbrough & Wolves.



Midfield player who played for Aston Villa in the late 1970’s. Has extremely good passing skills.



Striker who played for Aston Villa from 1990 to 1993. Also played for Stoke City and scored over 100 league goals.



Centre back whose career began at Man Utd. Played for Villa 1989-1991 before his £200,000 transfer to Derby.



England international. Won the League Cup, League Championship, European Cup, and European Super Cup.


COX Neil

Defender for England at U21 level.  League Cup winner for Villa in 1994. Also played for Middlesbrough & Bolton.



England international forward.  Played for Aston Villa from 1985 until transferred to Wolves in 1994.



Wales international full-back. Played 193 first team games for Villa before retirement in 2007 through injuries.




England U21 international midfield player. He was in the Aston Villa team that won the 1996 League Cup Final.



England international striker who played for Aston Villa from 1998-2004 and was in the 2000 FA Cup Final team.



Goalkeeper who started his career with Aston Villa in the 1980’s before moving to West Bromwich Albion.



England international centre-back and League Cup winner with Villa in 1996. Moved to Middlesbrough for £8m.


Scotland international centre-back. Played in 1982 World Cup Finals. League, European Cup & Super Cup winner.



Republic of Ireland midfield international. Aston Villa 1992-1997. Moved to Everton for £700,000.



England U21 international left-sided midfield player. Aston Villa 1990-1994. Also played for Coventry & Wolves.



England U21 left back. League Championship, European Cup and European Super Cup winner.



Left-side player and member of Aston Villa’s European Cup and European Super Cup winning teams in 1982.



England international who spent 14 years at Aston Villa until 2007. Member of the 2000 FA Cup Final team.



Midfield player or striker signed in 1995 for £1.45 million. Member of the 1996 League Cup winning team.



Aston Villa 1979-1984. Member of the European Cup and European Super Cup winning squads in 1982/83.


Played in the FA Cup Final for Sheffield Wed. Scored Villa’s winner v Inter Milan in the 1994/95 UEFA Cup.



Aston Villa player 1976-1982. Member of the European Cup and European Super Cup winning squads in 1982/83.



Signed for Villa in 2002 for £1 million. Won 48 Rep of Ireland caps and the Irish Footballer of the Year award.


McCANN Gavin

England international midfield player with Aston Villa from 2003-2007 before transferring to Bolton Wanderers.



Signed from Middlesbrough for £6.75 million. 21 England caps and 1988-89 PFA Young Player of the Year.



England international in Villa’s League Championship, European Cup, and European Super Cup winning teams.



Defender or midfield player for Aston Villa from 1984-1988.  Equally at home playing fullback or in midfield.


ORMSBY Brendan

England Youth international. Member of Villa’s European Cup & European Super Cup winning teams in the 1980’s.



Right-back who played for Aston Villa in the late 1980’s. Signed by Graham Taylor from Kidderminster Harriers FC.



Full-back or central defender with Aston Villa 1994-1999. Was transferred to Stoke City and then to Hull City.



Gifted defender who played for Aston Villa during the 1980’s when first-team opportunities were limited.


REGIS Cyrille

England international. Played at Aston Villa 1991-1993 after great success with WBA and Coventry.



England international. Won the League Championship, League Cup and FA Cup with Villa, Everton & Arsenal.



England Youth international. Aston Villa 1969-1975. Member of the 1971 & 1975 League Cup Final squads.


Aston Villa player 1985-1987. Played 500+ league games for Villa, Wolves, Birmingham, Stoke and others.


Striker with 75 caps for Wales. Scored twice for Aston Villa in the League Cup victory over Manchester Utd in 1994.



England Under21 international left back. Played for Aston Villa 1990-1996. Transferred to Bolton Wanderers.



England international keeper. League, European Cup and European Super Cup winner with Aston Villa.


Played in 3 World Cup Finals with the Rep of Ireland and won 102 caps. Former Manager of the Republic of Ireland.



Skilful midfield player who played for Aston Villa in the early 1980’s.  A strong player with good passing skills.



Played for Aston Villa 1978-1983. Won the League Championship, European Cup and European Super Cup.



Aston Villa 1994-2003. Scored in the 1996 League Cup Final 3-0 victory over Leeds Utd. Also played in the 2000 FA Cup Final.



Centre-back for Aston Villa from 1991-1995. A member of the League Cup winning team in 1994.



Villa striker from 1986-1988. Also played for Coventry & WBA. Made 487 league appearances, scoring 124 goals.



England international who made his name at Aston Villa before transfers to Liverpool and Glasgow Rangers.



Played for Aston Villa during the 1980’s, when first-team opportunities were limited.  A gifted utility player.



Defender in the Villa team that won the League Championship, European Cup and European Super Cup.

ager for the day will be our Ambassador Mr Jody Craddock.

Terry’s Story

I started to get pain in my left testicle in 2005, I had a slight lump so I went to see the doctor and he said it was probably just a cist and not to worry. He couldn’t feel anything. I went again several times and he said the same thing. He said the pain of removing a cist would be worse. I knew my body so decided to go to another doctor who happened to be female and said she would send me for a scan instead. The scan showed a tumour and I wasn’t suprised. They removed my testicle and I then found out it had spread so had to have bep chemo. If the doctor had sent me for a scan in the first place then I may not have had to have chemo. I personally didnt think the chemo was as bad as I thought it would be. The worst things for me was the hair loss, digestion problems, swelling of hands etc (side effects), loss of taste and my nails hanging off. But I am still here thanks to Cancer Research and the Clatterbridge team. I consider myself extremely lucky. I am now a dad, married and am healthy 🙂 Terry