Terry’s Story

I started to get pain in my left testicle in 2005, I had a slight lump so I went to see the doctor and he said it was probably just a cist and not to worry. He couldn’t feel anything. I went again several times and he said the same thing. He said the pain of removing a cist would be worse. I knew my body so decided to go to another doctor who happened to be female and said she would send me for a scan instead. The scan showed a tumour and I wasn’t suprised. They removed my testicle and I then found out it had spread so had to have bep chemo. If the doctor had sent me for a scan in the first place then I may not have had to have chemo. I personally didnt think the chemo was as bad as I thought it would be. The worst things for me was the hair loss, digestion problems, swelling of hands etc (side effects), loss of taste and my nails hanging off. But I am still here thanks to Cancer Research and the Clatterbridge team. I consider myself extremely lucky. I am now a dad, married and am healthy 🙂 Terry

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