#Grovember is here again!!

We are asking the male population of the UK to put down your shavers for the month of November and raise money for male cancer!

We will ask you to take regular weekly selfies so we can see your progress and at the end of the month a winner will be chosen and they will receive a legendary BTC Goody bag!!

We also ask you to get your friends and family to sponsor you !

So are YOU man enough to go Native in November????


SmokeFree Sunday

Please if you are a smoker or know a loved one that is a smoker get them to join us in Smoke Free Sunday, we are asking everyone to take that first step in the right direction by giving up smoking for just one day a week.

We chose Sunday as it is a family day and hopefully smokers can occupy themselves with your children or grandchildren. Go out for the day, go for a walk, go for a meal with family or friends.

We hope that with this weekly massive step will enable you to take the next step to two, three, four days….

1 in 2 smokers will die from cancer, smokers are cutting up to 10 years off their lives.

If you would like to make a donation to this campaign text STOP04 £4 to 70070

Thank you! Please join us!

I was a smoker I know how difficult it is to break the habit. We can support you if you need our help


Seeing the latest news about charities using fundraising companies or passing your details onto others, Balls to cancer would just like to confirm we do not and will not use any companies at all to fund raise on our behalf and also we will not pass your details supplied when donating or purchasing from the store on to anyone else.

Fundraising is obviously very important to us and we ask you to help us when ever you can, but we will not use any of these heavy handed methods.

We will ensure your privacy is always our top priority. Thank you for your continued support



Save Our Dads

Today we launch our Save Our Dads campaign A large percentage of men who are hit by cancer are over 50.

We need you to help us get our information, details and support to the older dads who may not have access to or do not understand the whole internet and social media thing.

We want to get our posters and leaflets in pubs & Social clubs nationwide and we need your help.

Please help us fund the Save Our Dads campaign by texting DADS04 £5 to 70070


Would you like to Skydive for us?

The most amazing invigorating experiences you will ever have is the experience you get from flying upto 10,000 feet and jumping our of a plane strapped to a top parachute instructor!

So do you think you have the balls?  Is this going to be the year you DO IT?

If you would like more details sign up for the information pack today here  

You can skydive from any of the following locations near you…..


St. Andrews




















Wobbly Jelly – The Brilliant insight into a cancer battle

We are very proud to be able to offer for sale on our website the brilliant book Wobbly Jelly by Mark Compton, the story of his battle with cancer.

This is a story of innocence, ignorance, fear, love, caring, determination, courage, faith, conviction and Cancer
A story of one man’s journey from discovery through treatment to overcoming cancer, seen through his eyes and the eyes of his family, friends and the people his life touched

The book is available in both hard copy and Ebook here

wobbly jelly


Walk the Great Wall of China

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to Walk the length of the Great Wall of China and help us raise funds.

From the 15th to the 23rd October 2016 we are looking for volunteers to walk the Great Wall of China and experience one of the wonders of the world.

You will also be able as part of the trip to lay your own brick in the wall marking your visit and making you part of the history.

You will need to raise a minimum of £3000  to pay for the costs of your trip and a donation to us.

If you wish to take part there are limited spaces so you need to act now. You must book your place here  (£50 deposit will be needed to hold your place)

great wall

Our Brand New Football Prediction League IS BACK

Thanks to the brilliant UMaxit.com we have our very own Football Prediction league BACK AGAIN!! All we ask is for you all to join it and set up your predictions.

There are huge cash prizes for you to win.

We will receive a donation from Umaxit.com for every team signed up so just follow these simple steps.

  • Login/Register an account on uMAXit Football
  • From the ‘uMAXit Home’ page select ‘My Leagues’
  • Then, click on ‘Join League’
  • Enter the Code: B2CMAX

Press ‘Done’

Good Luck and Thank you for your support.

The Sun Backs Balls to Cancer

The Sun Newspaper as part of their Wimbledon coverage ran an article for us about testicular cancer and survivors in today’s newspaper (30-6-15) coinciding with our Male Cancer Awareness Month.

the sun

Join Fundeo and raise fund for us!

To boost our fundraising, we have now joined up with Fundeo, an organisation that provides cartoon snail race nights for charity fundraising.

Getting started with a charity race night is easy.  The organiser asks local businesses to sponsor the races and friends and colleagues to sponsor the runners.  This raises funds before the event, then later everyone bets on the races which raises more funds.

Fundeo’s  snail race nights come as personalised kits with everything that’s needed to run the event.  The operator just plays the DVD and a talking parrot pops up on the screen and runs the show.  They are great fun for all ages and each event can easily raise £1,000 !

Mark Bates (co-founder) said “ It is a brilliant idea and a great fun way to raise money to help us help those fighting this horrific disease, We thank Fundeo for their support”

Fundeo’s Snail Racing Drive is intended to make charity fundraising fun, easy and risk-free.

Dr Andrew Seymour, Director of Fundeo, welcomed the partnership. He said “There are thousands of wonderful volunteers in this country who work very hard year-round to raise money for charity.  We are delighted to have the opportunity of introducing our customers to Balls to cancer and we welcome the opportunity of working with their supporters.

For further details or to order a pack, visit www.fundeo.com

or call the Fundeo Team on 01343 545856, quoting Balls to cancer as your chosen charity.


About Fundeo Ltd


  • Fundeo was established in year 2000 to develop its race night products.
  • To date Fundeo’s events have helped raise several £million for charity both in the United Kingdom and abroad .
  • The Fundeo Snail Racing Drive for charities was launched in the summer of 2014.


For further information about Fundeo, please email info@fundeo.com, call the office on 01343 545856 or visit www.fundeo.com