Toms #MakingMemories story

Thanks to the support of our #Teamnuts we were able to give terminally ill Tom Cooper, his wife and two young children a brilliant Birthday night out and meal at his favorite restaurant Bombay Hut  in Burnley.

We also supplied them a brand new washing machine when theirs broke down.

Please read Toms story…..

“Just as everything was looking bright and promising, our worlds came tumbling down in October 2011 when I was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma – a rare type of cancer in this country that is behind the nose. On the same day we were also told it had already spread to the neck, collar bone, lymph nodes under both arms and lungs. I was told that I had probably had it at least 2 years already and that it was not curable. Devastating news, very hard to hear and life has been very difficult since, but looking at my two beautiful girls…. They keep me and my family going, and that’s the reason were fighting this strong TOGETHER!! ♥”















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