Tickets for Our Christmas Ball 2020 are on sale now!

We have already started to plan our 2020 Christmas Ball, which this year will be heald on Friday the 27th November again in our fantastic Ramada Park Hall Hotel in Wolverhampton.

The event kicks off at 6.30pm giving you plenty of time to grab a drink from the bar and be seated for 7pm.

Our Co-Founder Susan Bates will deliver a welcome speech and introduce our very special VIP celebrity guests.

We have a fantastic Christmas themed three course dinner which will be served at 7.30pm (vegetarian option available), the best music and decoration, including some great banquet tablecloths so evertything look great this day.

Our entertainment (To be confirmed) will then lead us into a night time of fun.

Our ambassadors Scott Lyons and producer Dave will host the evening and DJ the Late night disco.

Our current celebrity guests are Packy Lee from Peaky Blinders, Lucrezia Millarini ITV news presenter, Matt Hoy Solo Artist & Tim Hogarth from Dickinsons Real deal. Many more to be added.

Currently tickets are available at our early bird discounted price so get yours now. These will be available for a limited time before they become full price. Get yours here

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