Neil’s Story

I have been successfully treated for testicular cancer this year (I actually received a much appreciated ‘good luck’ tweet for you guys on the morning of my operation) and am now in remission. Throughout the time I found that I often couldn’t think of any questions at the right times and then would have loads later that I couldn’t find answers to. I decided to keep a blog as things progressed and in it I tried to be both as honest but also as descriptive as possible so that if anyone else was looking for those answers they could read them first hand.

I don’t know if its something you would be interested in but I am more than happy for you to post a link to it, or reproduce sections of it on your website if you like? This is in no way an ego trip to get more viewers – I haven’t actually shared my page with any of my family or friends but am more than happy for a stranger to read it if it helps even one person. Nor am I seeking anything in return (although I am planning a few runs for The Christie including the London Marathon next year) so may plug a JustGiving page at some point in the future. Like I say I would just like to help anyone going through what Ive been through.


Anyway, feel free to read and do with as you like – my blog is

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