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Introducing the Square Pass Sweepstake.


The Sweepstake is a very simple game, all you have to do is pick 5 different clubs (1 from each of the 5 leagues) from your £50m budget and accumulate as many points as you can throughout the 2014/15 season. You don’t have to pick the winners of the leagues, pick players or make transfers etc. It’s a one off selection.

Accumulating points:
League games: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.

Cup Games: 5 bonus points for every win in the FA Cup. 3 bonus points for every League Cup win & 5 bonus points for every JPT win (progression to the next round also counts as a win, byes given are not included).

The cost is a 1 off payment of £5 per entry. £3 will go into the prize pot and £2 will go to Balls to Cancer.
Prizes are:      60% of the prize pot will go to the winner who accumulates the most points, 30% to

2nd and 10% to 3rd.

There is also a £50 bonus prize if you collect 15 league points on a Saturday.


So what are waiting for get your selections in at


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