Could YOU Be a BTC Good Samaritan

One of the most troubling things we here on a daily basis from cancer fighters is the lack of support from their local council, landlords or neighbours.

So it is our intention to set up a register of “BTC Good Samaritans” ¬†across the country that are willing to offer help and support to your local cancer fighters in the name of Balls to Cancer.

Can you help someone in your area? You don’t have to give up hour after hour of your free time, but help when you can and if you can.

We need people from all over the country that are willing to do anything from simply ringing someone just to check they are OK, popping in for a coffee and helping clean up, help with shopping, gardening, even help them find people to get them to and from hospital appointments.

Are you a builder, electrician, plumber? can you offers your help? So many of our fighters have housing problems that they just cant fix themselves.

So PLEASE help us help the nations cancer fighters who are suffering in silence! Lets give them the support they need !

Email giving us your contact details address and if you have any specific areas of expertise you can offer.

Thank you in advance from #TeamBTC

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