BTC Allstars v Aston Villa Old Boys

Another meeting of the Balls to Cancer Pro/Celebrity team as we go head to head with the former players of Aston Villa. This game will also be played at  Darlaston Town FC on the 7-7-13.

Kick off will be 3pm and gates open at 2pm

We will have music and fun all afternoon be the first in the queue.

Balls to cancer Allstars

Manager Jody Craddock – Sponsored by Target By Numbers

1 Bobby White (GB Handball team)

2 Maz Ajtar (Hollyoaks)

3 Ben Hanson (CBBC & Tracey Beaker)

4 Paul Lyon

5 Laurie Duncan  (Hollyoaks)

6 Devon Anderson (Eastenders)

7 John Omole (Hollyoaks)

8 Charlie Wernham (Hollyoaks)

9 Ayden Callaghan ( C ) (Hollyoaks)

10 Charlie Clapham (Hollyoaks)

11 Ed Stokes

12 Tom Alesbrook

14 Lee Smith

15 Nick Carrington

16 Adam Hyde

17 Mark Williams

18 Ricky Evans



Villa Team

  1. Derek Dudley
  2. Jon Pearson
  3. Bryan Small
  4. Mark Kinsella
  5. David Norton
  6. Lee Hendrie
  7. Tony Daley
  8. Mark Draper
  9. Mark Burke
  10. Gareth Farrelly
  11. Martin Carruthers




  1. Scott Rykard
  2. Steve Diggory
  3. Gavin Price


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