Be an extra in a film and help Balls to Cancer at the same time.

Football Kingdom is a satirical drama about the plight of a young well-meaning footballer trying to come to terms with the power struggles so prevalent at the top tier of the modern-day football world. In classic twists and turns – Shakespeare meets the suspense of a see-saw football match – the story takes us on a journey through one man’s passionate quest to not only win, but win with integrity.

The production team of Football Kingdom are currently running an Indigogo campaign that gives Balls to Cancer supporters the opportunity to be involved the making of the film. There are various ways that you can get involved:

  • Ever wanted to be a film Extra? Participate in the crowd as a supporter of the team and you can walk away with a souvenir Kingdom FC shirt from the game day filming
  • Can you play? If you know how to kick a ball around, grab the chance to get on the pitch and play a game in the name of film and charity. In fact, why not get your own team to rally and come and play as a full team. You will even get a credit as an actor!
  • Are you in a Band? Get your audition in and you may see yourself in a film playing in your band. What better way to gain exposure!
  • Want to wear the jewelry of a WAG? Then get your hands on an exclusive piece from the French designer SoShine. Available in the UK exclusively only through this campaign.

Get involved at

What a great opportunity to have some fun while raising some money for Balls to Cancer!

Want more details contact the team at

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