Adamo’s Story

I am basically ( so far) as testicular cancer survivor. Just over 7 months ago, yes just after Christmas, I went to the GP with an ache in my balls, there wasnt exactly an irregular feel to them, but its just gut male instinct told me to swallow my male pride and go and see. Anyway within 4 week of that initial appointment I had been to the hospital 5 times, been on cancer shrinking drugs for 2 weeks and right at the end found that the sickness was impossible to deal with so the decison was taken to remove both my balls.
I said earlier SO FAR as it is only 4 weeks since the op and a long way to go before that magic time of REMISSION and ALL CLEAR – but so far so good – OK the PCT was very good and speedy – only trouble is they dont fund prosthetic balls on the NHS – anyway better look like a dead chicken with than the alternative of long term suffering and eventual death I say.
Anyway – pardon the phrase – but in a nutshell thats my story – I really admire all taht you are doing and will support you in any way possible – I know you are sticking local right now – but your goial and dream of national / international is going to happen – just let me know what I can do for you and it will be done – if you have posters leaflets anything to help spread the word then email me them, send them, and I will pay to have them reproduced and make sure Essex knows you exist. Without the work of charities / people like you I can only have nighmares about what my life would be like. At 39 yrs old I know have a whole life ahead of me.
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