Aarons Story

My Story starts at the age of 17, I was a carefree teenager who never ever got ill, It was 2004 and the year before I had enjoyed a wonderful family holiday in Australia & was also settling into my first job.

Until June 2014 when my life flipped upside down, I noticed a lump in my shorts, At first I ignored it unaware of what it was, In those days I played a lot of sport and merely put it down to a sporting injury.

A few weeks past without a sign of it clearing up so I confided in my Mum who suggested I went to the doctor which in the end despite being embarrassed I reluctantly did.

My doctor was hopeful at first it looks like ‘You got water on your testicles’ He felt I had a condition called Hydrocele but sent me for a ultrasound scan in a nearby sports clinic.

The scan was done and I was instantly rushed back to the doctors, I felt that was a strange move but had no idea why. Once back at the doctors the news broke, ‘Aaron I’m sorry to have to tell you this you have Cancer’

I was stunned to silence unaware of what was happening, Nothing processed I had never been ill & now I was being told I had Cancer?

I was a very strong 17 year old and I battled my illness with positively. Yes I had a testicle removed at a young age but i took everything in my stride.

Cancer treatment followed in Mount Vernon hospital, My professor was a leader in the Testicular Cancer field Professor Rustin.

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